The Worlds of John Van Stry

Lead, Follow, or Suffer the Consequences

Children of Steel Universe Novel

Koen's been nothing but a screw up his whole career. He's gotten in trouble so many times and had fines added to his debt that he'll never make buyout, and that's just for the times he's gotten caught! Assigned to a fast packet ship as punishment for his last stunt he suddenly finds himself the sole survivor of an unexpected attack as all of his misdeeds come home to roost, one after another. Is it just bad luck? Or karmic payback?

In either case, Koen needs to decide his next move, while he still has a move left.

This story takes place in a future where genetically modified animorphic beings do the jobs too dangerous for humans. Called 'indentured servants' but in fact all but slaves to their corporate masters, they deal with difficult lives, hateful enemies, and corporate politics, as they just try to live their lives.

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