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The purpose of this page is to provide information to the readers of my Children of Steel series. As new books are written and released, I may add information to this page about the series. If there is something you would like to see me add here, please drop me an email.

(Please note that this page is under development. I don't really have a lot of time to work on it, so it's kind of crude. I'm using MSWord as I'm tired of coding raw html in vi)


Current Books Available:

Children of Steel

Interregnum (COS Book 2)

Danger Money


Lead, Follow, or Suffer the Consequences


Related Works:

Shorts the Furry Years


General Overview:

I call the universe the Children of Steel (COS) universe, because Children of Steel was the first book I wrote in this 'universe' or 'world'. To date I've sold over a thousand copies of Children of Steel, which isn't much, compared to my POI (Portals of Infinity) series, which sells more than that in a month. But as one of my first novels, and the first one I published, it is special to me.


The universe in COS, is one where human birthrates have not kept up with the expansion of the human race into the universe. Also, life for humans is usually pretty good, especially on Earth, and fairly comfortable. As long as someone else does all the hard, dirty, and dangerous work. So the corporations, with the approval of the governments, decided to genetically create an underclass of workers to do all of those jobs that most people would no longer do. As to why they're not humans? Well that was tried, and it didn't work out so well, not only 'Master Race' fears, but you can't have a controllable underclass, if they get human rights, can you? So by basing the new underclass on animals, not only can you keep them distinct, and from getting the same rights as humans, but you can also create many different types of them, so they're less likely to all join together and takeover.


Also, the idea of using 'animal surrogates' to tell stories about human beings goes back a long long time (Mother goose, Grimm, etc).


Danger Money takes place prior to COS, and was inspired by the album of the same name (COS was inspired by the song 'Types' btw). The second half of Danger Money was influenced by 'Yours is No Disgrace' as well.


Dialene was two slightly unrelated stories that became one, during commutes between Sacramento and the Bay Area.


Lead, Follow, or Suffer the Consequences was written as something of a lark, about a character who was a world class screw up, who suddenly found himself in a place where he couldn't screw up anymore. I actually knew someone like that, but in his case, the place he found himself was an adult with no job, and no prospects. He does very well now, and is actually a pretty funny guy to boot.


Interregnum is the sequel to the COS story, that was written recently (as of this writing, in early 2015). I wrote it because I got a lot of requests for it. However, sales tanked when the pirates hit, which is why the third book in the arc will most likely never be written. I'm still $200 in the red on this novel; I hope to at least earn that back by the end of 2015. I'm also tempted to raise the price, but I hate punishing those who are willing to pay, to make up for those who prefer to steal.


Shorts, the Furry Years: I used to write for Yarf! and a few online places, back when I was first starting out. It was a very positive learning experience, and Gerald Perkins helped me more, than I think anyone else has, before or since, with learning about writing. I decided to take a selection of those stories and release them as an anthology. There is a story in there, that is about the genesis of the project that lead to the world that the COS stories takes place in, which is why it is mentioned here.



Works in Development:

Currently there are no works in development. There had been plans for a third book in the COS storyline (as mentioned above), but sadly, books that are considered 'furry' don't sell well if they are also 'hard scifi', especially as there is rampant piracy inside of that particular fandom.


Now I knew the book would earn less than my more popular writings do, but COS was my first published novel, and I was willing to take the lower return for sentimental reasons. But, I cannot afford to actually lose money on what I write, and there must be some return. I have bills to pay after all.


The sad part is that I've being pirated by the very people who want to read what I'm writing to the point where I'm actually losing money by writing these stories, (I have cover artists and editors to pay). If demand for book three increases, I will start a 'go fund me' page, or the equivalent, and write the story after it has been paid for in advance (5K). I'm sorry that I have to do it this way (and now I understand why so many people in that fandom do it, I honestly had no idea it was this bad), but if you want to blame someone, blame the people who not only steal an author's hard work, but then decide to 'share' what they have stolen with thousands of other people. More people have now read pirated versions of these books, than have paid for them, and it's not like they're expensive either, they cost less than your cup of starrbuck's coffee.



More stuff may go here in time.



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