Days of Future Past




Current Books Available:

Book 1: Past Tense

Book 2: Present Tense

Book 3: Future Tense (Coming summer 2017)




Series Title:

First of all, the series has absolutely nothing to do with the comic based movie (I think it was by DC?) of similar name. I didn't even know that existed at the time I published, or I might have gone with a different name. I'm not a fan of that franchise at all btw. Why are the names almost identical? Because we both got it from the same source, obviously.


Originally the names of the books were going to be different, reflecting the sections of the Moody Blues Album from the sixties that inspired the title and some of the book. Internally each of the books would have been broken up into sections based on the names of each of the songs on the album.


All of that was changed, for reasons of plot and such. Also for reasons of being worried about being sued. I decided not to change the title, because I liked it. Yes, I've been accused of ripping off the comic book. Which is funny, because I have no idea what it's about, and because THEY ripped it off as well.



The story is about Paul Young, a young man from the Sacramento California area, and it starts in the late 1990's. Paul had a bit of a 'challenged' youth, in that he got in a lot of fights, ran with a local 'street' gang, and went before the judge as a teenager. More than once.


As Paul got older, due to the intervention of a number of people, including his sensei, parents, and one judge in family court, he changed his life's direction. This led him to eventually join the USAF, because he found he had a passion for flying.


Unfortunately for Paul, there were people who harbored certain 'prejudices' against him, some because of his background and some because of his family (politics).

So the series starts off with Paul having what is without a doubt the worse day of his life. At least up until that point.



I've received some interesting criticisms on the story, over things that Paul, the protagonist, has either said, done, or taken part in. Also some about the behavior of others in the story. I find a lot of them to be pretty funny, as almost everything in the story (okay, excepting some of the fantasy elements, those I mostly made up), comes from things I've either researched, seen, or done.


Horses. No, the horses do not do more than twenty miles a day, except in a rare exception that's mentioned. All of the distances have been measured out.


Paul having two girlfriends. Mind you, they were already a couple by the time they invited him to join them. I don't know why this bothers some people. If I were a female writer, no one would say a thing about it, but because I'm a guy? Really? Originally I didn't plan for him to be in a 'threesome', however I know some of my fans like that kind of thing, and besides which, I thought it would be fun.

Disclaimer here: I have been in such relationships myself (besides knowing some others as well) one of which lasted for over a decade.


Riggs being a right bastard. Yeah, I knew this guy when I was in the service. Yeah, he knew his shit, but he was still a right bastard. Would he have killed someone who got in his way? Probably. I've known of others who did it, and got away with it too. The military is a very different world. It's about breaking things and killing people. And no, justice isn't all that important. It's what the CO thinks is important that matters (And sometimes the IG, if you can get them involved, but that will always come back to haunt you eventually - one way or the other, no matter what.)



Go look it up on google! :-)

Ah the advantages of not having to make a map up from scratch! Though looking at terrain elevations constantly to understand what was above the waterline and what was below it, was a complete pain in the butt.


Will there be any more books after Future Tense?

That really depends on how it all sells, honestly. If there isn't enough interest, I won't write them. If I do write anymore (which probably wouldn't be until 2018 anyway) they most likely will not be about Paul.


The world, why haven't we learned more about it?

A lot of that is because we're seeing all of this through Paul's eyes; it is a first person singular narration. Yes, Havsue does appear to be something of a libertarian paradise to many people. But Paul was mostly focusing on what he had to do, and still getting over what had been done to him and coming to terms with all of it.


Is Riggs a champion? (i.e. from the POI stories)

No. Riggs is a hero to his people, but he's not a champion. This was not intended to be a Portal's story, though there may be some similarities, as there are gods involved in it. Riggs was given certain gifts by the gods, who summoned him, for the duration of the task he was brought here to do. Once he goes home (or if he stays) those abilities will most likely be lost.


Is Paul a 'Mary-Sue'?

No. No more than any other character I've written, and probably a lot less than some others.


If you have any other questions, by all means drop me an email, and I may answer them, if I can.