Hammer Commission



The purpose of this page is to provide information to the readers of my Hammer Commission series. As new books are written and released, I will add information to this page. If there is something you would like to see me add here, please drop me an email.

(Please note that this page is under development. I don't really have a lot of time to work on it, so it's kind of crude. I'm using MSWord as I'm tired of coding raw html in vi)


Current Books Available:

Book 1: The Hammer Commission

Book 2: Wolf Killer

Book 3: Loose Ends


Side Stories:

Book 1.5: The King of Las Vegas (The story of Rafael)


Note: The books are written in the order of Book 1, Book 1.5, Book 2. But you can read them in whichever order you'd like.


Works in Development:

With four books out now and a rather good response to them, the next work will either be a sequel to Loose Ends, or the King of LAs Vegas. Due to a number of commitments I'm not sure at this time when that book will be out. But I would expect to see it before the end of 2017. With any luck, it will be done a lot sooner than that however.


About the 'World':

The first book, 'The Hammer Commission' really did come from a dream I had, back in early 2001, while I was visiting someone in Mountain View California. It was a very vivid dream, and I ended up writing much of it down. I tried a few times to write it as a story, but kept having problems with it. I was able to resolve those problems when I made a change to the hero, which changed not only who/what he was, but a few other things in his life. In the dream, he was just a character, sometimes he reminded me of me, other times he reminded me of characters I'd played in RPGs. He was just too nebulous in his background. When I finally developed his (I stole it from a formulaic paranormal romance I had tried to write as an exercise) it all worked out.

The beginning and ending, are almost exactly from the dream, as are a few of the intervening scenes. The ending scene also came (partially) from a discussion with my friend Raymond Gorka back sometime in the mid 80's.

As for the main character's background, well I was going to make him a werewolf, and cut down the number of 'wives', however my two beta readers at the time (both women) were rather vehement that I leave it the way it was. One said that 'werewolves' were too common, and I won't give the reasons here as to why they thought the number was okay, other than to maybe make his being different a bit more obvious.


Series Synopsis:

Book 1 introduces us to Mark, and what he does for a living, as well as what he is. This book was actually written in early 2013. (And yes, Jake exagerates his accent on purpose, no I don't know why, ask him.)


The next book is actually 'The King of Las Vegas' as far as the order written. The events in this book take place prior to the events in 'The Hammer Commission', and it tells the story of Rafael, a minor character in 'The Hammer Commission' that quite a few people asked to know more about. It tells who he is, how he became what he is, and just how he ended up in Las Vegas, rather than India. I published this in March of 2016.


Book 2, 'Wolf Killer' picks up almost exactly where book 1 leaves off, with only a week or so in between the two books. This story is about Mark as he starts his quasi 'exile' from the Commission with him being on loan to the FBI, who are in need of a lot of education on the aspects of the supernatural. Which until recently, they counted on the commission, or one of its competing agencies to deal with. (which are few and much smaller).


Book 3, 'Loose Ends' picks up at the end of Book 2. This story deals with a few things left over from the previous stories, and we also get some exposure to the rest of Mark's family. We see some of the overlap between his working for the FBI and the Commission, and how even in the modern world the job isn't ever going to go away, it's just going to change with the times.




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