The Worlds of John Van Stry

Portals of Infinity, Kaiju

Portals of Infinity - Book #7

For years now the Kingdom of Barassa and the Kingdom of Hiland, have been at odds. Two years ago they engaged in a war, which Barassa lost. While Barassa still stands and is still too big a nut to crack for the Hiland army, the northern kingdoms see the weakened Barassa as a target ripe for the picking.

Sent to keep any eye on the invading armies, William has a front row seat to the drama playing out across the river as Barassa finally finds itself on the defensive, facing an army that may very well be able to finally tear down its massive walls. Faced with what may be the end of their state religion, the priests of Tantrus panic and perform a final act of desperation, unleashing a horror unknown to the world.

But one William finds eerily familiar.

Suddenly the concern of every god and every kingdom in the world is the destruction of this new monster, before it destroys them all. Immune to the weapons of this world, William must join with the Champions of friend and foe alike in a race to defeat the monster before it can destroy his adopted home.

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