Several people have wanted to see the maps of some of the places in the Portals of Infinity story line. I do have really poor quality pencil ones I work from (Dammit, Jim, I'm a writer, not an artist!) and below are my attempts at putting them up here. Sorry if they're not very good.

Seven Worlds Map:

This shows how all of the nineteen worlds of what has become known as the 'Seven Worlds' interconnect. It also shows the predominate races on each of those worlds - but it doesn't mean other races can not be on those worlds. It is by no means all-inclusive either.

Portal Link Map (Known):


Hiland is in the southern hemisphere, well south of the equator. The country to the south is very mountainous, there are some city-states and small independent towns in the mountains. This map isn't exactly to scale, it's a redraw of a smaller one that I've been using, which is a lot cruder.


Hillshire is the name of the Kingdom in this sphere where William first ventured, and where Aryanna holds sway. Which is why the sphere is referred to as 'Hillshire'. From the west coast to the east coast of Hillshire is over 2000 miles, as kingdoms go, it is extremely large, the largest on the continent. There is a smaller country to the south, and several more to the north, on the same continent.