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The purpose of this page is to provide information to the readers of my Shrean Universe. If there is something you would like to see me add here, please drop me an email.

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Lost Souls


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I have an untitled work halfway completed, about a different group of characters some distance away.

To get a little more specific:

 Margaret was down by the reeds one morning when she came across a very large cat, drinking from the creek, the cat had been in a fight apparently, and was bleeding from several wounds, including a rather nasty one on it's head.


And we'll just say it goes from there....


About the Shrean race:

Legend tells us that the Shrean race was created some time after the Elves had been created, as guardians of the woods and the wilds. It also tells us that their human forms were given to them after the advent of Humans, to help them both deal with Humans, and many of the things Humans did.

Wherever there are Elves, you will often find Shreans, they often work with and for Elves, usually as fighters. The relationship between the two races is a close one, with many strong bonds. Friendships are common, and marriages between the two do occur.

All Shreans know how to fight instinctively in their feline forms and begin training for fighting in their human forms at an early age, even those who will pursue other interests in life will know how to fight using weapons. They mature quickly, a twelve year old Shrean is considered an adult, and appears as an eighteen to twenty year old in human form. Most end up as fighters of one sort or another, as this is their base nature.

Shrean social life is different from both elven and human in several aspects, shreans can be quite promiscuous and even appear rather hedonistic after puberty, until they find a mate. Once married/mated they normally settle down and do not stray as they typically mate for life.

Shreans do not have the same concept of 'property' that most races have. While they have personal possessions, if they cannot carry it with them, it is rarely considered important. They will share resources with other clan members as necessary, including money. This comes back to their primary reason for being, which is to be guardians of the wilds and the forests, as well as their base nature of what they are. While shreans can understand greed, they are not capable of feeling it.

Shreans cannot fight each other, except for competitions, or 'fun'. The only time two shreans might get in a serious fight is to win the hand of the one they wish to mate with.

Shreans will never kill another shrean, even unintentionally or unknowingly. This is one of the strictures set down by their god at the time of their creation, and they cannot do it. Physically it is not possible. As shreans can often be found as mercenaries, if for any reason two bands should come into conflict, the group that was there (or 'hired') first, wins by default.

Shreans prefer their feline form over their human one, and cannot be prevented from shifting into it. Most wear a magical necklace in human form, which stores whatever they are wearing and carrying when they shift into cat form. This necklace appears as a thin collar in that form and has limits as to what, and how much it can carry.

Shreans are quick to trust elves, slow to trust anyone else, they rarely reveal their true nature to those that do not already know it, and are capable of holding grudges for a very long time. Befriending one can be very difficult for anyone not an elf, but is well worth the trouble.



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