The Worlds of John Van Stry

About the Summers End Universe:

The world of Summers End is a dystopian one approximately two hundred years in the future. The secrets of gravity and gravity drives are all well known and much of humanity has left Earth in a exodus to the far reaches of the solar system. Mars, Venus, and every moon has been colonized, as well as many of the Trojans around the outer planets, plus a large number of asteroids - many of which have been moved into better, or unknown, orbits. With no large central government to rule over the vastness of these many thousands of habitats and settlements, anything and everything you can image in the way of government or community probably exists, somewhere - both good and bad.

Summers End follows the exploits of one David Walker, the son of a working class family whose sole goal is to get off Earth, and help his family improve their lot in life. A graduate of a Maritime style academy and now a qualified ship's engineer, the first two stories are about Dave's life.