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Portals of Infinity, Vis Major

Portals of Infinity - Book #10

After destroying Par and Ral's main temple in a manner that no one expected, the other gods of the Seven Worlds have realized that William is not your typical champion, and that Feliogustus isn't some backwater provincial god. William however is still faced with the need to get his revenge on Par and Ral, and wants at the very least to see Par's religion erased, her followers killed and her remaining temples destroyed.

Something which Feliogustus is in complete accord with.

Thankfully, there are other gods, well-established gods, who are more than willing to join their forces to the cause. Some because they fear Par and Ral, some for the fame, glory, and followers they will gain, and some because they seek an allegiance with a god they believe will one day be a force to be reckoned with. For William, he just wants to avenge his son's murder, help his daughter spread the word of Feliogustus among the orcs, and go home to spend time with his wives.

But there are still some people who just don't seem to understand exactly what Will is capable of doing when pushed.

And they're about to find out.

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Portals of Infinity, Consequenes

Portals of Infinity - Book #9

Still recovering from his two years in the void, life has been good to William. There's no wars on the horizon, everyone seems happy with the current state of affairs and the only thing on Will's mind is the upcoming wedding of his son, the crown prince. Until an attempt on his son's life signals an end to any hopes of tranquility.

One of the gods from the Seven Worlds has suddenly decided that they want to get revenge on Will and perhaps Feliogustus as well. Unaware that Feliogustus now has a presence in the Seven Worlds, they think that it will be an easy fight with a provincial god in some backwater reality. A god who has no way to strike back at them.

And now it's up to Will to show them just how big of a mistake they've made.

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Portals of Infinity, The Seven Worlds

Portals of Infinity - Book #8

After two long years in the void, Will is glad to be home, and so is his family. However he still has his job to do: Feliogustus has favors to pay back after being without Will for so long and some of those favors are coming due. So while having his homecoming interrupted isn't enjoyable, paying back those gods that Feliogustus owes is important.

When an opportunity to take on a task on one of the core worlds as a favor to another god comes along, Will must drop everything and deal with it immediately. Will's never been to a core world before, much less heard of them, but to Feliogustus it's important that he goes because invites to the core are few and far between. So while the task may seem to be mundane to Will, he knows from experience that there's more going on than Feliogustus has told him. And anything that's important to Fel, is important to Will.

When Will gets there he finds that some of the 'rules' that the gods play by are different in the core, as well as some of the rules that govern the infinite and the portals that link it all together. Will finds that instead of one realm, the place he's now in is made up of multiple realms linked together by portals that not only most people can see, but which are in fact big enough to sail both trading vessels and warships through.

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Portals of Infinity, Kaiju

Portals of Infinity - Book #7

For years now the Kingdom of Barassa and the Kingdom of Hiland, have been at odds. Two years ago they engaged in a war, which Barassa lost. While Barassa still stands and is still too big a nut to crack for the Hiland army, the northern kingdoms see the weakened Barassa as a target ripe for the picking.

Sent to keep any eye on the invading armies, William has a front row seat to the drama playing out across the river as Barassa finally finds itself on the defensive, facing an army that may very well be able to finally tear down its massive walls. Faced with what may be the end of their state religion, the priests of Tantrus panic and perform a final act of desperation, unleashing a horror unknown to the world.

But one William finds eerily familiar.

Suddenly the concern of every god and every kingdom in the world is the destruction of this new monster, before it destroys them all. Immune to the weapons of this world, William must join with the Champions of friend and foe alike in a race to defeat the monster before it can destroy his adopted home.

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Portals of Infinity, Reprisal

Portals of Infinity - Book #6

William is the champion of a god in the sphere that he now calls home. Being a champion comes with certain powers and advantages; however it can also come with fearful and powerful enemies. When William's oldest enemy attacked his family, Will chased him across several realities, until he caught up with him, and finally slew him.

However, champions always come back.

Fortunately for William, his enemy was damaged years ago in one of their earlier fights, and it will be almost a year until he can come back, this time. Unfortunately for William his enemy is becoming a demigod, and if not stopped soon he may one day become too powerful for William to kill.

William now finds himself in a race against time, needing to track down and destroy his enemy's hidden temples on Earth, before he can reincarnate once again. Complicating matters further, champions are unknown on Earth and Will's god holds no sway there, and Will has come under suspicion by at least one powerful government agency.

And while William's god is sympathetic to his champion's plight, William must still put the needs of his god and his people before his own desires for vengeance.

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Portals of Infinity, Book Five

Portals of Infinity - Book #5

Life can be complicated for those who the gods pick as their champions, and for William, it's no different. Between dealing with issues at home and abroad for his god, and helping Queen Rachel defend Hiland against the threat of Barassa, William has been busy.

With a trip back to Sireen to deal with one of the consequences of an earlier quest, William finds he has more to deal with than expected, especially when his youngest is kidnapped for unknown reasons by a god with a grudge. That leads to some further discoveries about one of his earlier enemies, as well as enigmatic instructions from his god about his child. A child that there is more to, than it would seem.

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Portals of Infinity, Book Four

Portals of Infinity - Book #4

With no otherworld tasks to run for Fel, Will has spent the last year mainly helping Rachel consolidate her hold on her expanded kingdom. Barassa has been set back, for now, but Will knows it's only a matter of time until they're at odds once more and Barassa still has the bigger army. So taking the time to learn more about their enemy seems like a good place to start, and of course, Rachel has more things she expects him to do, even if he has no idea just how he's going to do them.

Fel also has things for Will to do as well, even if they are the more mundane jobs that a Champion of the faith must perform. Escorting missionaries isn't the most exciting or glamorous job, but its one Will must do. At least the people are different, interesting, and friendly, and some perhaps a little too friendly. But that's never gotten him in trouble before, right?

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Portals of Infinity, Book Two

Portals of Infinity - Book #3

With the first of what he suspects will be many favors completed, William finds himself busy with important tasks back at his home on Saladin. Queen Rachel has several jobs she needs him to do, and Feliogustus has similar tasks in mind for him as well. All in all, it seems easy enough to Will, it.s not like he.ll be fighting in any wars, or traveling across the infinite on a strange quest after all.

But things aren.t always as easy as they might seem, and both politics, as well as the other gods, aren.t going to ignore Will, or the tasks he.s been set to complete. And is if dealing with that isn.t problem enough, when the time comes to do some serious diplomacy between Hiland and a neighboring Kingdom, a deadly problem comes from a most unexpected quarter, forcing Will to take immediate action to payback both his, and his God.s foes.

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Portals of Infinity, Book Two

Portals of Infinity - Book #2

Will's life has definitely changed since that day he went hiking in the woods of Pennsylvania. He's discovered that reality is a lot bigger and stranger than he had ever imagined. Learning about the portals that link the infinite number of worlds opened his eyes to that wider reality. Learning that he was being groomed to become the Champion of a God in one of those realities was an even more startling discovery.

But now it's time for him to pay the bill for his 'recruitment'. Just as the Gods on a single world fight and jockey for power and position, the older Gods from the many different spheres of the infinite play a much larger and more complicated game. The Goddess Aryanna has a quest she needs completed, and William and four other Champions are the ones tasked to do it.

What bothers Will however is what could a Goddess possibly need? And why would it take five Champions to retrieve it?

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Portals of Infinity, Book One

Portals of Infinity - Book #1

William is just your typical engineer fresh out of college with a stressful job, a boring life, and not a lot of prospects of anything better in the future.

Until one weekend while hiking in the woods he stumbles across a portal to another time, or perhaps another place. The more he investigates this new world the more he realizes that it may just be able to offer him a lot more than the one he's been living in.

However, there are forces at work beyond anything that Will has ever come across before and the local Goddess seems to have taken a liking to him. Will may soon find himself getting an offer he cannot afford to refuse.

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Take Two

Take Two (A VeilVerse Novel)

Breck was a heavy metal rock star, to some perhaps even a rock god. Playing bass since he was ten, he learned to sing and write music under the tutelage of some of the industry's best. His band was one of the loudest and heaviest out there and they had moved from one hit record to the next with ease. Married to a supermodel and being at the top of the rock star pyramid, life for Breck was everything he'd ever wanted it to be.

Then one day while playing a fill-in gig with another band to help out an old friend, something weird happened and it wasn't just a flash back from all those acid trips he did on the road. Attacked by people he'd only seen the likes of in movies, he's forced to dive into a shadow to make good his escape. Waking up he finds himself in a place that seems like it was ripped out of the sixties and things are almost like home, but not quite.

It's not just the people looking to take advantage of him, after nearly two decades in the biz, Breck's more than used to that. It's not the strange cars, people, or buildings; a life on the road touring the world inured him to that years ago as well. It's not even some of the strange beings and creatures people are telling him that share the world he now finds himself in.

No, it's far more worse than that:

He's broke...

Nobody knows who he is...

And his bass seems to be developing an attitude.

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Days of Future Past - Future Tense

Days of Future Past - Part #3

Coyote has one final task for Paul, the one that is the whole reason Coyote shanghaied him here in the first place. But what can a single man, without the gifts and benefits of the gods, do against a creature that has ruled in the wastelands for hundreds of years? Besides, destroying Aybem is supposed to be Riggs' job! So just why does Coyote need him to go there too? While it's true that Riggs has finally earned Paul's grudging respect, Paul has no desire to suffer the pain that his nemesis' plans often cause him.

And even if he is successful, is this really the last task that Coyote wants of Paul? Or could the trickster god have just a few more things that he needs to have done?

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Days of Future Past - Present Tense

Days of Future Past - Part #2

Coyote has a new task for Paul, one that involves him traveling north hundreds of miles over the post-apocalyptic landscape of California, the place that Paul once called home.

Thankfully, Sarah and Heather have both decided to go with him and between Heather's shooting skills and Sarah's magical ones; Paul thinks he might just live through whatever scheme Coyote has enlisted him in. If he can live through telling the girls just what Coyote's got him carrying in his pack now of course.

At least he's done with Riggs and hopefully won't have to deal with him ever again, nothing could be worse than that after all!

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Days of Future Past - Past Tense

Days of Future Past - Part #1

Paul's been having a bad day, perhaps one of the worst days he's ever had. And now into the middle of all this, his instructor just got drafted by some mystical goddess to help save a world.

As for Paul? Well, he's really not supposed to be there, and if he thought he was having a bad day before all of this, it just got worse, a lot worse. He's now on a one way trip, forced to help a man who despises him while at the mercy of the world's biggest trickster.

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Loose Ends, a Hammer Commission novel

Hammer Commission - Book #3

Being on loan to the FBI has its advantages, and for the first time in far too long, Mark is taking a few weeks off with his family. But he's barely gotten started when he finds his brother unwittingly entangled in a mess that can be traced directly back to an attempt on Mark's life some months ago.

An attempt that left something unexpected behind.

And now that one loose end has started to fray into many and Mark must hurry to tie them all up, before unscrupulous drug dealers, power hungry witches, and even unwitting competitors of his brother's biotech company, unleash a power that could destroy hundreds, if not thousands of innocent lives.

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Wolf Killer, a Hammer Commission novel

Hammer Commission - Book #2

With having to leave the Commission for a year while things cool off politically, Mark finds that the Church has loaned him out to the FBI, who have been trying for years now to get an experienced monster and demon expert in their newest division, to help train and educate the agents there on just what they will be facing. Finding out that Mark actually is one of those very monsters has made them want him even more; not just for what he can bring to the table, but because they do need to check off that newest minority checkbox, even if no one knows they exist.

Mark doesn't mind the new assignment, being closer to home, it means it will be easier to visit with family, and the agents all seem nice enough. Plus the FBI has a bigger budget and gets a lot nicer toys than Mark is used to. However, while Mark knows how to deal with devils, demons, and even the nastier monsters out there, he doesn't know anything about how to deal with a sociopath werewolf who has gone full psycho and started to murder co-eds.

That's more of a 'human' problem, after all.

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The King of Las Vegas

A Hammer Commission Novel - (not in main sequence)

An American college student on holiday in India, Rafael fell afoul of a Rakshasa, an old and very powerful tiger-demon. When he finally manages to escape from his captivity, he is left with two small problems; the first is that he is now a Rakshasa himself, the second is that India is deporting him.

So just where can a shape-shifting tiger-demon find acceptance in America?

Las Vegas of course. But before he can claim his territory, there are a few small problems he'll have to clean up, like a fifty year old vampire infestation that the church and the government have been failing to control for years.

Then there is the problem of finding enough raw emotions to feed his powers, most Rakshasa feed off of hate and anger, but Rafael is an American and is far more obsessed with sex, love, and other, more positive feelings. Things which are easily found in 'Sin City'. But when he discovers that performing onstage works so much better, well there's only one thing for a shape-shifting monster to do, and that's to become the King of Las Vegas.

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Hammer Commission

Hammer Commission - Book #1

Mark's job seems pretty dull, working as an investigator into crimes committed against Church property, theft of holy objects, vandalism; nothing terribly exciting but he does get to travel the world.

That's just the window dressing. Mark does work for the Church, but as an elite member of a thousand year old secret society that hunts down devils, demons, and other evils. His job is not just to find them, but to remove, dispel, or kill them: he's on the front lines of the secret ongoing war between Heaven and Hell. However as wars go, it has been a fairly easy one for the last few decades, with nothing seriously evil having been summoned since the last world war.

But all of that is about to change, and the question for Mark may not be can he survive, but can he survive long enough.

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Children of Steel

Children of Steel - Book #1

Raj is just your average everyday genetically modeled and artificially created anthropomorphic worker for one of the many corporations of the future. Extensively trained and conditioned from birth he's now indentured for the next fifty years of his life; assuming he doesn't die first, or somehow manage to pay off his creation and training debts.

Created by the corporations to deal with the harsh labor shortages of the twenty second century when humans will no longer take on the dangerous jobs Raj finds himself now in the harsh world of space exploration, trading, corporate maneuverings, and sometimes the even more dangerous world of the fanatics that hate Raj and his fellows. No longer in safe confines of the training academies he must learn how to live and deal with both his fellow workers and the humans he encounters and not get saddled with bills or fines because he's screwed up or worse yet, get 'put down' because he's lost his temper one time too many.

After all, it's not like he's human...

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Interregnum (Children of Steel, Book 2

Children of Steel - Book #2

The war is over, Raj and Cassandra are together, and everything should be 'happily ever after', and return to normal, right?

Well, they would be, but Cassandra still has issues to overcome after spending three years in POW camps where abuse and even torture were commonplace and many of the guards were sadists. Raj has gotten over most of his problems, after all he did save his mate's life, but there are still issues from his past that are dogging him. And of course, there are just a few minor things that need to be cleaned up, leftover issues from the war, and some of those issues shoot back.

Interregnum is the sequel to 'Children of Steel' and picks up where it left off, continuing to follow the life of Raj, a genetic construct and wage slave to one of the major corporations that dominate Human explored space.

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Danger Money

Children of Steel Universe Novel

Jotun was born and bred to be a corporate assassin, back in the days of the Corporate Wars. Confined these days to life in a gilded cage, Jotun welcomes any opportunity to get out and lately he's been getting out a lot. But as a genetically designed and laboratory bred leopard animorph by a company that isn't sure if it trusts him anymore his choices are few: do the jobs that eventually will kill him, or refuse, which will also get him killed.

Of course it isn't like he doesn't enjoy the work, but when everybody wants you dead you start to wonder if there isn't more to life. When an unexpected betrayal kills the few friends he has and nearly him as well, Jotun realizes he has bigger problems than his lifestyle, namely finding out who betrayed him and paying them back, no matter what the cost.

Danger Money is a Science Fiction story that takes place in my Children of Steel universe, a future where genetically created animorphs serve as second class citizens and handle all of the dirty and dangerous jobs that are part of humanity's extension to the stars.

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Children of Steel Universe Novel

Dialene's Captain decided to play pirate, and one well placed nuclear torpedo later she finds herself prisoner of the Corporation whose ship they were attempting to raid; her friends and lover all dead. With no corporation to ransom her back she finds herself in the unenviable position of having to work off the debt assigned to her for her part in her Captain's actions. With concerns as to where her loyalties lie she has but two choices: Work in the mines on an airless rock where a small fem like her would not last long, or work in the company bar entertaining those very same miners.

At least working in the bar beats the alternatives, until one day an interesting character inserts himself into her life.

A Novella from my Children of Steel universe, Dialene is a foxmorph who until her capture was a highly rated shuttle pilot working a deep space trader for one of the more notorious corporations. Like most of her kind she had no choices in her employer who considered her nothing more than a disposable asset.

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Lead, Follow, or Suffer the Consequences

Children of Steel Universe Novel

Koen's been nothing but a screw up his whole career. He's gotten in trouble so many times and had fines added to his debt that he'll never make buyout, and that's just for the times he's gotten caught! Assigned to a fast packet ship as punishment for his last stunt he suddenly finds himself the sole survivor of an unexpected attack as all of his misdeeds come home to roost, one after another. Is it just bad luck? Or karmic payback?

In either case, Koen needs to decide his next move, while he still has a move left.

This story takes place in a future where genetically modified animorphic beings do the jobs too dangerous for humans. Called 'indentured servants' but in fact all but slaves to their corporate masters, they deal with difficult lives, hateful enemies, and corporate politics, as they just try to live their lives.

Available on Amazon.

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Lost Souls (A Shrean Novel)

Jarith was exiled from Elsheval, one of the great Elvin kingdoms, eight years ago for political reasons. A powerful warrior who led the Queen's armies, he was angry and upset with this turn of events, but still he followed his orders, as he had sworn to do. Now, eight years later, he is being summoned back from his exile, to deal with a problem that apparently the Queen believes only he can handle.

Despite his still strong feelings over this betrayal, his desire to see his home and family again decides him to answer the call. But living an exile among humans for the last eight years has left its mark on him, having been forced to hide his Shrean form from those who wouldn't understand.

And what of the lover Jarith was forced to leave behind? The woman he once thought destined to be his? How does all of this affect her as well?

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Shorts: The Furry Years

A collection of short stories that were written years ago for a couple of different anthropomorphic fanzines, but primarily Yarf! Includes the following short stories:

Changes: The hero of the story wakes up in the morning to find his world has changed, rather drastically for him, hardly at all for others.

Old Business: This is from my .Children of Steel. universe, it.s about the beginning of it all, the very first of the sentient animen (or animorph) ever to be created.

New Beginnings: Jack is the new bartender at a small pub, a nice quiet pub in the business district. The patrons tend to find his opinions humorous, as what does a bartender know after all? (More of a slice of life type story).

Fox Hunt: A joke that I just could not resist.

Easy Money: What happens to spies who come in from the cold? Especially ones who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks? Nothing good I'm sure... A collection of Short Stories available on Amazon in Kindle format

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Waiting for Shadamehr, (or someone like him)

A Gnome cleric and his charge are trying to find and old acquaintance of the gnome's to teach his young charge Shelana certain things she needs to know. He's not there when they arrive, but someone else is... A Short Story available on Amazon in Kindle format

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